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Routine Sprinkler Inspections

Sprinkler Water Main Pipe - Sprinkler Inspections

Automatic sprinkler systems save lives. Ensure your system is working correctly in the event of a fire, and schedule routine sprinkler inspections with Harrell Automatic Sprinkler Co Inc in Mifflinville, Pennsylvania.

Necessary Inspections

Like other areas of your business, your fire protection system requires regular testing to ensure it works. Simply give our contractor a call to schedule a sprinkler inspection to ensure the system works and complies with current standards.

For your convenience, we offer sprinkler inspections on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly basis. Five-year inspections are also available.


• Trip Tests for Pre-Action Systems,   
  Deluge Systems, & Dry Systems
• Annual Fire Pump Performance Tests
• Hydrant Waterflow Tests

• Dry Pipe Valve Trip Tests
• Fire Pump Tests
• Backflow Tests

Contact us to keep your fire safety equipment working
properly with our sprinkler inspections and tests.

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