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Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems for Fire Protection

Taking the necessary steps to ensure your home or business is protected from a fire is essential. At Harrell Automatic Sprinkler Co Inc in Mifflinville, Pennsylvania, we take pride in providing individuals throughout the area with automatic fire sprinkler systems to ensure complete fire protection.

Custom Designed, Fabricated, & Installed

At our company, we understand that no two clients have the same fire protection needs. That's why we custom design and fabricate our fire safety equipment and fire sprinkler systems to suit your needs,
such as:

• Wet System
• Pre-Action System
• Deluge Systems
• Dry Systems
• Foam Systems
• Electric & Diesel Fire Pumps
• Fire Water Storage Tanks
• Linear Heat Detection Systems
• Foam Systems

Additional Services:

• Sprinkler System Modifications
• Fire Pump Repairs
• Underground Pipe Repairs & Installations

• Certified Backflow Preventer Valve Repairs
• Fire Hydrant Installations & Repairs
• Underground Meter Vault Installations
• Above- & Below-Ground Storage Tank Installations

Contact us to protect your home or business with our fire protection systems.